ANPD introduces in the register for juridical non-profit entities under the name "ALLIANCE OF NEWSPAPERS AND PRESS DISTRIBUTORS" with Head office and management address in Sofia, 23 Bacho Kiro Str., with the following goals: to defend the constitutional rights for freedom and independence of the Bulgarian press, the rights of the Bulgarian press to gather and distribute information and help for improving the quality of the newspapers and the objectiveness of the published information; to raise the prestige of the publications and help for increasing the public confidence in the Bulgarian press; to defend the interests of the members of the ALLIANCE before the state and/or municipal institutions as well as all other economic and non-economic subjects in the country; to help with solving public, economic and/or other issues of general importance for the members of the ALLIANCE to the interest of all as well as cooperate in solving matters significant for all publishers of newspapers and press; to help with establishing honest trade relations and mutual respect among the publishers of newspapers and press, basing on the principle of loyal competition and free economic initiative as well as with preventing acts and/or trade practice which breaks the principles of honest and loyal competition among the publishers on the market of printed media; to cooperate in increasing the role and the importance of regional press for developing public opinion on national and/or regional matters as well as help with the participation of the regional publishers in the solution of issues of importance for the printed media in the country; to help for efficient and qualitative distribution of printed media by contributing to the matters of organizational, technological and/or other nature, relating to the distribution and/or sale of printed media; to cooperate in establishing correct and honest relations among the publishers and distributors of newspapers and printed media by contributing to the prevention of any actions and/or trade practice which tolerates or restricts the distribution of some publications; to support the training of acting journalists and of all other employees and/or would-be specialists in publishing and distributing houses in view of improving their professional level.

The ALLIANCE achieves its objectives thru the following means and activities:

The ALLIANCE defends the rights and the common interest of its members before the state and municipal institutions, public organizations and economic subjects, juridical and physical bodies; it creates contacts and helps with establishing equal relations with the state institutions, the public organizations and other economic and non-economic subjects by organizing business meetings, seminars and/or symposia, courses and trainings for qualifications and other similar activities both in the country and abroad; gives ideas and works out statements relating to normative acts and/or administrative decisions as well as amendments in these acts and/or decisions concerning the activity of the ALLIANCE, and/or its members and/or the activity of the printed media or their distributors; organizes working groups, councils and/or other organs for helping and consulting the ALLIANCE and/or its members to solve particular issues of the activity of the ALLIANCE, and/or the activity of its members; organizes meetings among the members of the ALLIANCE and contributes to the solution of all debatable questions arising in the course of the activity; takes part in the creation of other public organs or organizations of the media branch and other similar organizations; organizes meetings and creates contacts with other similar organizations both in the country and abroad; collects, processes and stores all kinds of information, technical and other relating to the activity of the members of the activity of the printed media or the distributors of printed media; informs the members of the ALLIANCE about the public posing or discussing of all kinds of questions, significant for their activity or for the media branch by taking part in the discussion of these questions and giving their standpoint; also performs other legal activities, associated with the achievement of its goals. The ALLIANCE is not limited in terms.

The Subject of activity of the ALLIANCE is the following: to support the development of the media branch and help with the increase of the quality of the printed media; to contribute to the increase of the efficiency of the distribution of newspapers and printed media and to the improvement of the relations among the publishers and the distributors of printed media. Subject to additional economic activity are production, publication, distribution and sale of advertising and other printed materials necessary for achieving the goals of the ALLIANCE.

Delyan Slavchev Peevski
Vice Chairman

Martin Radoslavov Zlatkov

Yane Yordanov Yanev

Members of Board

Nikolay Vasilev Tomov

Nikola Iliev Dinkov

Galentin Kirilov Vlahov

Vasil Vasilev Zahariev

Tzvetan Angelov Angelov

Vladimir Kolev Gerginski