The Union activities support the development of media sector and contribute the improving of printed editions quality, as well as help to increase the efficiency of the distribution of newspapers and newsletters and to improve relationships between publishers and distributors of printed editions.

The main objectives of the Union are:

1. To protect the constitutional right of freedom and independence of the Bulgarian print media;
2. To protect the right of the Bulgarian print media to gather and disseminate information and to help raise the quality of publications and to improve the objectivity of the published information;
3. To elevate the prestige of the press and to help increase public confidence in the Bulgarian print media;
4. To represent the interests of members of the Union in the state issues and / or municipal authorities, and to all other business or nonprofit entities in the country.
5. To help and assist in solving social, economic and / or other issues of common concern to members of the Union, in their common interest and to help address issues of common concern to all publishers of newspapers and publications;
6. To promote and help establish a bona fide commercial relations and mutual respect between newspaper publishers and publications based on the principle of fair competition and free enterprise;
7. To promote prevention activities and / or business practices that violate the principles of honest and fair competition among publishers of print media market;
8. To contribute the increasing of the role and importance of regional publications in the formation of public opinion on national and / or regional issues and to promote the participation of regional publishers in addressing issues of importance to the print media in the country;
9. To promote the effective dissemination and quality of printed editions, helping to solve the problems of organizational, technological and other character related with the distribution and/or sale of printed editions;
10. To help establish a fair and honest relationships between publishers and distributors of newspapers and publications, the print media market, helping to prevent any action and / or business practices tolerated or restricting the distribution of individual publications;
11. To support the training of journalists working in publishing, as well as all other employees and / or future staff of the publishers or distributors of publications, to raise their professional level.

ANPD achieves its objectives through the following means and activities:

1. Defends human rights and common interests of its members to the state and municipal authorities, public organizations and businesses, companies and individuals.
2. Creates contacts and promote the establishment of equal relations with state bodies, public organizations and other business and nonprofit entities for this purpose arrange business meetings, seminars and/or workshops;
3. Organizes courses and training and other similar events at home and abroad;
4. Makes proposals and formulate statements on legislation and / or administrative decisions, and in relation to changes in such acts and / or decisions relating to the activities of the Union and / or its members, and / or activity of print media or distributors of printed matter
5. Establishes working groups, advice and / or other bodies to indicate support and advise the Union and / or its members to address specific issues of Union action, and / or activity of its members;
6. Organizes meetings between members of the Union and helps to resolve any disputes arising from work performed by members;
7. Participates in the construction of other public bodies or organizations of the media sector and other related professional organizations
8. Provides meetings and liaise with other organizations in the country and abroad;
9. Collects, process and store all legal, economic, technical and other information relating to the activities of members of the Union and / or in connection with the activities of newspapers and distributors of printed matter;
10. Informs members of the Union for placing or public discussion of any matters relevant to the conduct of their activities, or relevant for the media sector, taking part in discussions and expressed the same opinions.