General Meeting of members of the WAN-IFRA
08. 04. 2011
On April 8th, 2011 in Dublin the WAN-IFRA held its General Assembly. The meeting agenda included election of President and First Vice President of WAN-IFRA. Mr. Jacob Mathew was elected for President and for Mr. Tomas Brunegard was elected for First Vice President for.
Establishment of the Alliance of newspapers and press distributors
15. 02. 2011
On 15.02.2010 in Sofia was established the Alliance of newspapers and press distributors. The initiator of creation was the New Bulgarian Media Group. The Union's objectives are to protect the constitutional right of freedom and independence of the Bulgarian print media to collect and disseminate information and to help raising the quality of publications. The Association will achieve its objectives as asserts the rights and common interests of its members in the relations with the state and municipal authorities and public organizations.